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Oct 6, 2021: OIT - Data and Identity Security Webinar

Join OIT for National Cyber Security Awareness Month to learn more about how to protect your data and online identity. This interactive session will: Help you understand the complexity of the current cyber landscapeOffer concrete steps you can take to make your information saferTeach you about services and tools for data security that UC Merced supportsand more! Register early and you’ll be entered to win a OIT Behind the Scenes webinar series prize pack, complete with fun movie snacks and OIT swag. Register here: http://ucm.edu/v/protecturidentity View on site | Email this event

Date of event: Oct. 6, 2021

Institution: University of California Merced

Event Link: https://events.ucmerced.edu/event/oit_protect_your_online_identity_webinar