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Oct 6, 2021: Uprooting Inequity: Seminar 3– The Causes and Impacts of Structural Racism

This presentation, which consists mostly of data and research studies, addresses the questions: 1. What is structural racism? 2. What is the role of the legacy of historical discrimination? 3. How does structural racism affect the racial wealth gap? 4. What is the role of individuals? and 5. How do we know structural racism exists (today)? I employ the Racial Equity Institute’s “Groundwater Approach” to prove that structural racism exists, by providing data and research studies to demonstrate a. The presence of racial disparities across institutions; b. That is not explained by socioeconomic differences; c. Nor by cultural & behavioral differences. I also provide evidence of racial (residential & school) segregation, and of racial disparities in economic mobility. View on site | Email this event

Date of event: Oct. 6, 2021

Institution: University of California Merced

Event Link: https://events.ucmerced.edu/event/uprooting_inequity_seminar_3_the_causes_and_impacts_of_structural_racism