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Oct 13, 2021: Locating & Evaluating Online Health Information

Locating & Evaluating Online Health Information Online There is an overabundance of health information online. If you have ever tried to locate background information on a condition, or conduct a search for symptoms, you likely have been faced with millions and millions of search results. How do you know which resources are trustworthy, and which ones are better off ignored? During this workshop, we will: Learn and apply website evaluation strategies, such as the National Library of Medicine's ABC criteria.Review major websites and databases for locating health information and research.Explore LitCovid as a resource for Covid-19 research.Length: 45 minutes You will receive a Zoom link with your registration email confirmation. An Important Note: We are hoping to record many of our workshop sessions for use on our Library website and our YouTube channel for future instructional purposes. If you would like to remove any identifying information from your Zoom settings and profile, please do so prior to the start of this workshop. Your instructor will notify you when the recording will begin. Related LibGuide: Searching in PubMed by Elizabeth Salmon View on site | Email this event

Date of event: Oct. 13, 2021

Institution: University of California Merced

Event Link: https://events.ucmerced.edu/event/locating_evaluating_online_health_information_3082